“As history has proven, anything can change in a day. The future happens as you live it. We’re existing in a time when the basics of tomorrow are up in the air; the politics of tomorrow are anything but predictable; the communication of tomorrow is not cut and dry; the music of tomorrow is not stagnant players reciting the same melodies, and therefore the band Of Tomorrow should embrace these unknowns as well. Of Tomorrow is a band growing out of DC who is redefining what it means to make music in this time and bringing audiences to new highs at festivals and venues across the eastern seaboard, including DC’s venerated 9:30 Club. Anchored by three pillars of diverse but precise musicianship, they invite the best virtuosos they know to create a unique experience for the audience every time, tying strong melodies, harmonies, and lyrics together with improvisational antics. No matter who accompanies the band of Tomorrow, and you’re bound to be enthralled.

Led by the power trio of Geoff Browning on guitar, Nick Söderström on bass, and Jon Modell on drums, the band curates a rotating cast of musicians and an ever-evolving encyclopedia of music: funk, rock, reggae, samba, hip-hop, soul – the list goes on. Browning leads on vocals, shying away from no subject and belting a versatile range both from his voice and his axe. He’s an ideal host for guest singers and rappers, passing the proverbial and literal mic across the stage all night. Of Tomorrow’s ever-steady bass player (Söderström) is on a planet all his own, consistent yet versatile, jumping from sitting in the pocket to blazing fast solo runs, driving the tension and release of the groove. His rhythmic other half (Modell) builds a flawless percussive foundation on which any number of players can offer the beat they feel, yet he still shines as the nucleus of this living, breathing musical being. The three core members Of Tomorrow balance and challenge each other through an expressive musical journey that fans share with them as they go. The music may never be exactly the same, but the songs and musicianship are unyielding, noone is ever a stranger, and everyone is part of the experience Of Tomorrow.”

– Carly Shields, Ever Upward Entertainment, Denver, CO

“Nick Söderström plays the bass of tomorrow, and has since age 13. He knew he was meant for music, and his friend’s band needed a bass player, so he jumped in. Lucky for him, because he took that spontaneous decision all the way back to Sweden, where his mother is from, in pursuit of his jazz studies. Also of Brazilian descent, Nick’s dynamic musicality has led him to be the ideal bassist of tomorrow, unrestricted by genre and untethered by any boundaries of his instrument. Nick’s bass lines are often jumping off points for songs of tomorrow, both rehearsed and improvised live, and when not the driving force behind the whole musical train, he sits pretty in the pocket behind any style of layered jam on top.

When he met drummer Jon Modell during a jam, they shared undeniable musical chemistry that inspired them to start forming a band. Modell also started playing at young age, after building a kit from stuff around his house, and eventually saving up enough money from his first job bussing tables to buy his own real drum set. Coming up during an era of drum machines, he was inspired by everything from world beats, Motown, and Broadway to Steve Miller Band and Pink Floyd. This eventually lead to him touring nationally with such varying acts as the electronica MFA, funky-break Fort Knox Five, and reggae Nappy Riddem. His expansive capacity for rhythmic stylings is a testament to the unique character he brings to every groove, seeded often from a beat spat into his phone. And, as luck would have it, right when he was ready to start his own project, Geoff sat in with him and his gnarly bass playing friend for an impromptu gig.

Guitarist Geoff Browning found himself at an impasse in 2015, when both his musical and political careers were taking off. Having been raised by a multi-instrumentalist and around a guitar since the womb, leaving music was not an option, so being DC-based and passionate about his work, he found a way he could incorporate it all. Naturally drawn to unexpected yet intentional changes in style and rhythm, he was perfectly in sync with Modell and Söderström from the moment they started jamming. With them, he had a platform for the lyrics that flow endlessly from the influx of inspiration in DC. He had such a strong rhythm section with which he could incorporate his guitar work, he realized they could invite any other players to join them and take the music in any direction they wanted. Together, they fused a new musical structure with dynamic improvisation that blossomed into the band Of Tomorrow.

The band Of Tomorrow is just that; a musical project from the future. If they have a rapper join them, they play hip-hop. If they have a shredder, they play metal; if they have horns, they play funk. More often than not, they have all of these players and more at once, so they ping-pong between genres and weave together harmonic sections in a way no other band would dare to. In the same way, their pre-written lyrics don’t shy away from any subject, nor does any guest member from any challenge to make an Of Tomorrow song their own. Of Tomorrow structures its mission around an unpredictable and transformative experience- always high energy, always premium quality, based often in familiar melodies and intellectual lyrics, but exploring improvised ideas with every new layer.”

 – Carly Shields, Ever Upward Entertainment, Denver, CO


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